About this game

Contact me at turnspender@zoho.com

Key Features:

  • 3D environment and intuitive GUI – No more sliding static sprites with 100% keyboard input in total silence. You will know what is going on without reading a wall of logs.
  • Multiple heroes to unlock – Unlocking the achievements will let you choose more heroes. Each one has unique stats and skills to choose. Make the best out of the situation!
  • Five difficulty levels to choose – Learn and challenge in your own pace!
  • Unique enemies with a real threat – Any of them may possibly end your run by showing up at a wrong moment.
  • Quick Adventure of 16 floors – If you do everything right and swiftly, the game could end well within an hour. A lot could happen, but nothing is time-consuming.
  • Straight to the business – No forced tutorial. No “prologue” at the beginning. No easy warm-up levels. No grinding for advantages. You are only one click away from the fair and real challenge.